10 Oct 2019
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Presa Tires underscores road safety measures, smart tire choice as PH ushers in rainy season

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 19 July 2019 – The country experiences at least 20 typhoons each year. But while Filipinos in general are increasingly prepared for the rainy season, road accidents continue to happen. The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), in fact, recorded more car accidents during the rainy months last year compared with the drier months.

With typhoons becoming stronger and floodings more frequent, Presa Tires underscores the importance of road safety measures and smart tire choice as we expect wet and slippery roads.     

It’s time to check your gear and polish up road safety your precaution lesson for the long drive ahead.

  1. Mind your BLOWBAGETS

Whether it is just a trip to work or a road trip with loved ones over the weekend, safety is paramount. Before hitting the road, make sure that your BLOWBAGETS–battery, light, oil, water, brake, air, gas, engine, tire and self– are in optimum working condition. This simple mnemonic can help prevent damages en route.

  • Slow down

Speeding on wet pavement can cause tires to hydroplane. This happens when films of water form between the road and your tires, lifting the front wheels and affecting your ability to steer and brake. Drivers are advised to cancel trips in the most adverse weather conditions. If you can’t, equip yourself with the proper gear so you are ready for anything while on the road.


Presa’s PJ88 radial tires feature wet traction and hydroplaning resistance to improve you vehicle handling and grip on wet pavements. Designed for SUVs and 4x4s, the PJ88 tires have a tread pattern and sidewall lug design for excellent all-terrain traction for both wet and dry conditions and compound and pattern design for improved tread wear. They use a stiff but conformable carcass to improve off-road stability and handling.

  1. Increase following distance

When driving along slippery roads, remember to maintain a proper following distance. It takes drivers an average reaction time of 3 to 4 seconds to identify hazard and apply brakes early with reduced force or come to a complete stop.


Presa’s PJ77 tires deliver improved traction and braking power on hard, wet or dry surface. It ensures excellent traction in mud and stones, with ice block mold providing additional traction and an extra-large deep tread increasing tread life.

  1. Exercise caution at intersections

Intersections, even in the best weather conditions, are high-risk areas for collisions. It’s elementary to come to a complete stop first before proceeding. Stay alert and never assume other drivers’ actions, especially in inclement weather.

The PSE1 tires from Presa feature outstanding steering response and handling stability. Their jointless spiral-wrapped full-nylon cap/Edge ply and aggressive tread design with four circumferential grooves provide added strength, stability, excellent water dispersal and web traction.

  • Avoid driveway puddle

Anticipate where the water is accumulating and avoid it as much as possible. Water splash doesn’t only impair your vision and other drivers’ but also shields from view potholes and debris that can reduce the effectiveness of your car’s brakes.


With their rib-type tread design with deep shoulder grooves and extensive sipes, the Presa PV99 tires perform excellently on wet and dry roads. They allow water to be expelled from beneath the tire much more easily to prevent hydroplaning. The ultra-light truck radial tire also has a wide contact patch with continuous shoulder ribs to provide smooth and even tread wear. The jointless spiral-wrapped full-nylon cap adds strength and stability while the double steel-belted construction ensures long-lasting wear and uniformity.

Make sure your vehicle and tires are up for the myriad of challenges on the road that are made even more difficult by the strong rains and flooding.  These simple measures can ensure a safe ride for you and your family.

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